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Pixel Tiggies! is a federated Pixelfed instance run and used by tech, gaming, automotive, maker, body positive LGBTQ+/BIPOC folks. We believe in providing a reliable, safe place for excellent photos on the Fediverse, while protecting our users from tools on Gab and Truth Social. As folks may not be accustomed to instances run by individuals, here is how Pixel Tiggies! is set up (geekery ahead): Pixel Tiggies! and its sister Mastodon site, Tiggi.es is located in northern Austin, TX on a 3 node HA (high availability) replica cluster on Intel Enterprise-grade SSDs The Virtual Environment is by ProxMox VE, with Enterprise Level update support. The system is on a dedicated 30a circuit backed by UPS and 24kw whole building natural gas generator with a 14kW rooftop solar setup. Data is backed up to a RAID-6 array nightly and backed up to LTO6 tape weekly. Tapes are cycled off-site every 3 months. Our connection is a business class fiber 5Gbit symmetrical account with multiple static IPs through AT&T. What this means is, if one of our servers dies, we lose a max of 15 minutes of data. And the site is back up on another server within 15 seconds. Your data is always backed-up, and barring planned downtime or upstream things out of our control, you will have a fast, reliable experience with tiggi.es. The fact that we limit our users makes that even more beneficial. When choosing an instance, please choose one that is open about their configuration and how they secure your data and maintain a high uptime. Donations: Please donate to your nearest animal shelter and post it. Helping real animals means more to us than helping pay for the setup. Thank you. Data Security: Pixel Tiggies! considers security and privacy to be of paramount importance. In the event of any legal inquiry, Tiggi.es will require appropriate legal documents in order to share any data we have. None of our data is stored on the cloud, or on systems not owned by Tiggi.es. While there are references to remote instances and private messages stored, we trust no 3rd parties with your data. Our backups are performed on encrypted LTO 6 media.sharing platform, an ethical alternative to centralized platforms.


  1. Don't be an Asshole - Violations of Rule #1 may result in a perma-ban if you are found violating it at the sole discretion of the moderators and admins. If you have questions about this rule, please ask.
  2. USE CONTENT WARNINGS - If posting anything that people who can see their screens in a professional environment may consider NSFW (porn, nudity,lewd), you are posting info that may contain TV or movie spoilers, you're shitposting, politics, or anything you would otherwise ask permission to share.
  3. Do not post any content that is knowingly illegal in the state of Texas, The United States of America, or is beyond any possible form of good taste. You will be warned, and if grievous enough, yeeted into space upon subsequent infractions. (Account deleted)
  4. Fill out your profile completely. Don’t use a one liner. “I’m a cat from America, Mow” is not sufficient. If you need a guide, look at @LeoBurr. Also post an #introduction - It’s a sort of tradition/custom on Mastodon
  5. You must be at least 18 years old in order to have a Tiggi.es account. Tiggi.es is an 18+ only instance. As there is NSFW content here, we cannot allow under 18s to access it using our service.
  6. Pixel Tiggies! is not a kink/AD (After Dark) instance. While we do promote body positivity and sexuality, Pixel Tiggies! isn't for accounts used primarily to post sexual/pornographic images. While those photos are absolutely permitted, they must be under CW and not the sole content.
  7. Users are given 20GB of storage space with photo sizes up to 50MB. Thassit. No more.
  8. No AI-generated posts, AI-generated artwork is forbidden. A user must not knowingly or willingly post AI-generated content. The only exception is if the AI artwork is under a CW and is being used to mock AI art. We know AI art can sometimes be fun, but in the end, it cheapens our services.
  9. No profane usernames. I was hoping I wouldn't have to say this, but if you're going to put asshole, bitch, cock, etc. etc. in your username, this isn't the Pixelfed instance for you.
  10. No bestiality, child or cub porn, blood, scat, or extreme kink photos, drawings, or video. If you have questions on what may or may not be posted, ask @LeoBurr. We are open to many things, but have hard lines on the ones we’ve called out

For more information, please review our Terms of Use

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